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Annoor Sanatorium


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Annoor Sanatorium

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For 50 years, the Annoor Sanatorium for Chest Diseases has been treating tuberculosis among the Bedouin people of Jordan. Founded by Dr. Eleanor Soltau and nurse Aileen Coleman in 1965 as a small Christian medical facility, the staff now treats nearly 20,000 people each year, serving patients from Jordan and surrounding countries in the Middle East. 

In 1973, a new facility was opened on 25 acres of desert property in Mafraq. Today, Annoor is a 40-bed inpatient facility within an inviting oasis of trees and greenery. Our busy outpatient clinic operates five days a week. 

Annoor is an Arabic word meaning “the light.” We reflect the Light of the world, sharing God’s love with people in need. Annoor exists to bring hope and healing to desert-dwelling Bedouins.