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TJ Realized His Life Was Fake

02.01.16 | Stories of Life Change

    My life was fake Quite simply, my life was fake and full of selfishness. I have the classic story of being raised in a Christian home and attended church on a regular basis when I was young. I was fortunate enough to attend private Christian...

    Darlette Couldn't Forgive Herself

    01.01.16 | Stories of Life Change

      I DEPENDED ON MYSELF As a young child I had someone very close to me take my innocence away. As a teenager and young adult, I looked for love in all the wrong ways and places. All my bad choices that I made, I blamed on what had happened to...

      Evangeline Found the Greatest Gift

      05.01.14 | Stories of Life Change

        We lived and grew up in the city with all the amenities and opportunities, but my Dad’s side of the family, who are all Hindus, lived in the village in mud huts. My parents encouraged us to start our day reading God’s Word and praying. This...

        Paula Cried Out to the Lord

        05.01.14 | Stories of Life Change

          As I look back on my life, God was always there even when I walked away from Him. Before Christ, I was self centered, loud, grumbling and complaining. The list could go on and on. I had a Christ-sized hole in my heart.

          Lisa Had to Make A Choice

          05.01.14 | Stories of Life Change

            My life before I knew Christ was a very destructive lifestyle. I did everything to run the opposite direction of our Father. It was all about me. I was in charge of my life. I called the shots. I didn’t want anything to do with religion. My...

            Andrea Gerhart

            05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

              I have always been interested in working with people from other cultures. When Jesus says, "Whatever you do to the least of these, my brothers, you have done unto me," these are the people he's talking about.

              Ryan Aseltine

              05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

                This past winter I was blown away to find out that Ryan was driving from Sugar Grove over to the East side of Aurora to have a weekly Bible study with the boys from his UYM baseball team at the local McDonalds on Wednesday nights.

                Julie Griffith

                05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

                  I went to Bolivia when I was in my early twenties. Seeing people with no legs begging in the street changed my life's perspective. A missions trip is a chance to serve others, but it is even a bigger chance to change our focus from temporal...

                  Debbie Nieter

                  05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

                    I was talking with the elementary children about Rock N Roll Easter, and it was awesome to see them respond to reaching out and inviting friends. It is awesome to see children strong in their faith and wanting to reach out to others.

                    Hannah Dorn

                    05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

                      My heart has really gone out to the kids at a local Colombian orphanage. It is government run, however, the administration has allowed missionaries to come in and teach the Bible so long as we also incorporate English as a Second Language.

                      Laura Wood

                      05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

                        We’ve hosted a man from Cuba who came with only the clothes on his back, a Bhutanese pastor and his wife and 3 children, a Muslim family from Iraq (who insisted on doing all the cooking for a week), and most recently an Iraqi mom and 2 daughters.

                        Dave Mogle

                        05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

                          It was what our host, the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, had hoped for; that we would bring the gift of our lives as well as the gift of the playground. In so doing, they were sure that we would receive back from these wonderful children the...