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Chad was an atheist, but had an existential crisis.

02.01.16 | Stories of Life Change

    I was lost

    I was an atheist. I was lost. The world view I had then was failing me as I see now it had to. I used to believe that human progress and human compassion could save us. I was prideful. I had too much faith in myself. I regarded belief in God as weakness.

    God chose the right time

    I had an existential crisis. I realized that the world view I had based a large part of my identity on was not real. At that moment one question seeming popped into my head. What if Jesus really did love me so much that he died for me and I didn't even believe he exists? I didn't know why at that time, but now I know it was an act of God's mercy and grace to give me that thought at that exact moment or else I can't imagine what depths I could have fallen too. I attended a Lutheran church when I was a child, so I knew the gospel message. God chose the right time for that seed to sprout. 

    I felt the love of Jesus

    I told my wife, whom I was dating at the time, that we should find a Church to attend regularly. Village Bible Church was the first one we went to. The love of Jesus that I felt from the members of Village Bible Church was of a quality I had felt nowhere before. I just had to serve!

    I truly believe that God is working here in Aurora. Through the many immigrants and refugees joining out church, the nations are coming to us. We have an opportunity here and now that many believers never have. I am excited to be a part of God's plan.

    One way I've grown

    Pastor Travis has helped me a lot through what I learned about God in the Theology class he taught. It reinforced the fact that when I was an atheist, I was making God much smaller than he actually is.  My nonbelief in God back then was based on an improper understanding of what God, being a being of infinite power, could do.  I now understand that for God nothing is impossible.

    Insight from my son

    One day after service as we were getting ready to leave the parking lot my son James, who was almost three at the time, said "I love that Church". I realized at that time, although I never really said it out loud, I do too.