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Hannah Dorn

05.23.13 | Stories of Life Change

    My heart has really gone out to the kids at a local Colombian orphanage. It is government run, however, the administration has allowed missionaries to come in and teach the Bible so long as we also incorporate English as a Second Language.

    It is now the end of my second week in Colombia and I would like to share with you how I have seen God at work! Since I am here on a short-term basis, I have been helping out where need arises among the various ongoing ministries associated with my agency. Which has been a blessing, I have seen God moving in an assortment ways. For starters, I am living with the Alonsos who are long-term Native missionaries who have recently planted a church. It is fantastic because although they just established the church in January, they already have a congregation of approximately 100 people and are looking to begin a second service!  The newest project is a program set for June where children in the community will learn English while Studying the bible!

    I have also been helping as a teacher’s aide at a school for missionary kids. To be 100% honest, it's not what I had in mind for myself when I decided to go on a missions trip. However, I’m glad God has given me this opportunity because it has opened my eyes to realize how much goes into missions. I have learned that in order for Believers to plant churches where there are none, or to spread the gospel, there must be missionaries called to provide a good education to the children who spend their youths moving around the world. The MK schools are so essential to missions!

    My heart has really gone out to the kids at a local orphanage. It is government run, however the administration has allowed missionaries to come in and teach the Bible so long as we also incorporate English as a Second Language. As imaginable, the kids there have had a tough life. Yet even in the short time I have known them, I have seen in them a desire to learn more about the Gospel. In fact at a volunteers meeting, the Psychologist (Who is not a believer), said that even though the missionaries have only been working with the kids since January, she has seen a major change in them.  She said the kids are talking to her about Jesus and praying.  She also said that in the past, the children would break windows and use the glass to injure themselves. However, not one window has been broken since January, which is a record!!! There are many reasons to praise God for this ministry. Yet the kids and the ladies need prayer because the kids have multiple different faith groups (Catholics, Jehovah witnesses, etc) coming to visit them. It is great for them to have visitors, however they need prayers that the Holy Spirit would guard their hearts and enable them to recognize the truth in all that they are hearing. 

    The last thing I will share with you is that last week I had the opportunity to visit Medellin and stay with the family of a woman at the church, Sarah. Sarah asked me if I would share the gospel with her family while I stayed with them because they are Catholics (as most people in Colombia are). So while I was there I invited the family to do a bible study on salvation, Most of them were not interested, however a woman named Andrea became extremely hungry to learn more about the Bible and Jesus’ life. In fact, before I left she decided to pray to accept Jesus as her savior, recognizing that it was through graze alone she could receive salvation! Interestingly, Sarah told me that when she fist converted to Christianity, Andrea persecuted and harassed her. Its really amazing to witness how the Holy Spirit can change somebody’s heart! I am so happy for Andrea, however she also needs prayers. She has a lot of questions and will most likely face much confusion as she learns new things about Christ and the Bible that contradict everything she has been taught her whole life.  She will also most likely face persecution from family members, as she had once done to Sarah.  

    Colombia has been so wonderful and it been amazing to see Christ at work. I’m very sad that my time here is almost over, Yet I cannot wait to get back home and see you all again, Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers, It really means a lot to me.  I miss you all and I am praying for you as well!

    Hannah Dorn.


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