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The Jaegers Couldn't Handle Heart Disease Alone

03.01.16 | Stories of Life Change

    Kathleen's Story

    My life before I met Jesus was filled with sadness and fear. I didn’t believe that there was any other way to live. I was scared to die and have everything I knew come to an end. That led me to not care how I acted, which was wrong.

    I’ve done things in my life I’m not proud of. At one time I thought those actions would make me cooler, but one day I realized that what I wanted in life most of all was to be a mother. I then met Gerred, who is now my husband. He’s a very godly man and he inspired me to acknowledge my sins and have faith that Jesus would forgive me, no matter what trials I was given. My life changed forever. I now have a beautiful family and amazing husband.

    We have always been part of a church but found ourselves not attending for many reasons. We didn’t have good reasons, but that’s just what happened. When Gerred and I found out about the health of our son, Joseph, we both knew that there is no way we could get through it without prayer, Jesus, and a church in our lives. We then started to get serious about the search for a new church home. Gerred’s employer is a very godly family man, and we asked him how he liked his church. He encouraged us to come and experience it. Honestly, after one Sunday, Gerred and the kids and I knew it was our new home. Now we feel so blessed to have found Village.

    What excites me most about Village is the acceptance and the ability we have to grow. Our children love it, which is so important to us. It has brought many amazing people into our lives, who have become a staple in our family. I’m so thankful for the fact that there is understanding and resources galore to use when I have the time to use them.

    There have been so many acts of complete selflessness that I am in complete awe. Jesus shines through  everyone of those moments. Once, there was a beautifully powerful prayer circle that was held for our son on the day we left for his first open heart surgery. The amount of people that filled the room and the words that were spoken will forever be a beautiful light in my heart. It made such a scary lonely thing not so lonely. I am so grateful for each and every person at Village.

    Gerred's Story

    My life before Christ was full of blind happiness. It was full of sin and lacked direction. I found happiness in simple things and had no real purpose to my day.

    My wife and I were at a point in our lives when we were seeking a new church community at the same time that I was seeking new employment. God led me to the only job fair that I've ever attended. There I found Derek Eastman. Derek and his family seems very pleased with their church so I asked if we could join them one week.

    At Village, my faith has been renewed. Before I started attending Village, I had a hard time trusting in people because I surrounded myself with sinful and untrustworthy people. Through Village, God has allowed me to see that there are still good people in the world that have a genuine interest in the well being of others. No matter what I did in the past, no matter how far I strayed, He continues to work miracles in my life. He continues to make His presence known.

    What excites me about being a part of Village is the amazing community in Christ. At my previous churches people went to church because it was what you do on Sunday. At Village, member seem to have a genuine want for spiritual growth.

    The one day at Village that I will never forget is the day that my wife, son and I all left for Minnesota for our son, Joey's heart surgery. I don't remember a lot of faces, but I remember the large group of people that met after church to collectively pray for my son. Each and every person added to the prayer seem to be speaking from the heart as though it were their child having surgery. There was an overwhelming sense of love in the room and that is a day that will never be forgotten.