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Apr 07, 2019

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Passage: Acts 28:1-16

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series: Unstoppable


As we go various places, we may encounter...

1.  Superstition
       A.  People have their assumptions about how the 
            world works.
       B.  When challenged, they try to assimilate it into
             their worldview.
       C.  Our job is to explain the way of God more accurately.

2.  Sickness
       A.  God may heal instantaneously or through a process.
       B.  It is intimately connected to prayer.
       C.  It provides us with more opportunity for ministry.

3.  Saints
       A.  They can help refresh us.
       B.  They can help renew our focus.
       C.  They can help reinvigorate us for ministry.