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Aug 05, 2018

Authentic Faith that Pleases God

Passage: Hebrews 11:30-31

Preacher: Nick Dwyer

Series: Heroes


Faith that is authentic is shown when we...

1.  Focus on our present obedience
     We see this in the person of Rahab
       •  Rahab obeyed God
       •  Rahab opposed the disbelief of the Canaanites

2.  Put our faith into action
     This action is based on...
       •  What God has already done
       •  What God has always been
       •  What God has already spoken

3.  Stand firm in the Lord Almighty
     Rahab's faithful stance resulted in...
       •  Her eternal salvation
       •  Her family's temporary salvation
       •  Her life story being shared through the generations

These results highlight God's...
       •  Salvation to all who call upon His name
       •  Sovereignty to use anyone for His purpose