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John and Cheryl Fornelli

John and Cheryl Fornelli

Commission to Every Nation, Aurora

We are missionaries serving on the Global Training Team with the Evangelical Free Church Mission, reachglobal.  We currently live in Aurora, IL. We were married in 1977 and are blessed with three sons, three daughters in law and a growing number of grandchildren! 

Our Burden 

Lost souls. Up to 70% of the unreached world are preferred oral learners and therefore don't respond well to traditional literary methods of teaching and communication. As many as 75% of the entire world can't read, don't read or won't read the Bible.

Our Ministry Focus

Training national church planters, pastors and leaders as well as USA missionaries and churches to use Narrative Evangelism and Discipleship to reach people with the gospel of Christ.

Our Missional Objective

To unleash an "oral Bible" in the heart languages of all peoples.

Our Strategy

  • We orally communicate God's Word:  for evangelism as well as discipleship.

  • We train leaders to learn, tell and teach select Bible stories and passages.

  • We train leaders to communicate God's Word using their own natural way of speaking.

  • We train leaders to ask questions of understanding and application, and allow their listeners to discover biblical concepts for themselves.

  • We develop, empower and release leaders in church planting movements to use biblical narratives in evangelism and discipleship.

  • We record biblical passages in indigenous languages so that those who have little or no access to written Scripture can learn them accurately.

Our Technique

  • Training events for church planters, pastors, missionaries and leaders.  In an interactive setting, we teach select sets of chronological Bible stories and passages, using methods that are suited to preferred oral learners - ranging anywhere from non-literate people to post-modern people.

  • Alongside national church planters, pastors, missionaries and leaders, we model narrative evangelism and discipleship within their unique context. 

Our Projects

We have trained national pastors and leaders in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Botswana, Peru, Guatemala, and the United States. We travel to each current project location 1-4 times a year. The average length of stay in each location varies - from 1 week to 3 months, depending on the need. We also train and support missionaries and short term mission teams who serve in oral cultures.