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Dec 16, 2018

Blue Christmas: Zechariah's Song

Passage: Luke 1

Preacher: Tim Badal

Series: The Glorious Sounds of Christmas


Zechariah's example reminds us about...

1.  A situation that hits close to home.
     Like Zechariah we live in...
       •  Fearful times.
       •  Fragile times.
       •  Frustrating times.
     In these times it's easy to waver between...
       •  Faithfulness and faithlessness.

2.  A song we can sing along with.
     This song announces that no matter how things seem...
       •  God has a plan.
       •  You have a part to play.

3.  The true star of the show.
     Jesus brings...
       •  Light to those in darkness.
       •  Life to the dying.
       •  Leadership to those lacking direction.