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    Dec 15, 2019

    Herod: Skipping Christmas

    Passage: Matthew 2:1-23

    Preacher: Tim Badal

    Series: The Cast of Christmas


    Skipping Christmas...

    1.  Leaves you empty.
         Like Herod, nothing will fill us.
           •  Power won't
           •  Possessions won't
           •  Prestige won't

    2.  Makes Jesus an enemy.
         Never forget that...
           •  Since Jesus is in charge...
           •  He will always compete against our selfishness...
           •  And cause us great contempt.

    3.  Always ends badly.

    Points to Ponder
         Instead of skipping Christmas, start celebrating it.
         This involves...
           •  Submitting to His Lordship.
           •  Following His lead.
           •  Trusting when disaster looms large.