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Aug 01, 2021

The Time is Now! (Putting aside apathy and living my purpose now)

Passage: Matthew 22:36-40

Preacher: Keith Duff

Series: Help! God's Hope for the Hurting


1.  God's purpose for us during the earth portion of our existence
     (our boot camp)
       •  Multiply
       •  Work
       •  Love God
       •  Love others

2.  Why are we apathetic in our love for God?

3.  Why are we apathetic in our love for others?
       •  The volume of information is overwhelming.
       •  We feel helpless to make a change.
       •  We are blessed and cursed with comfort.

4.  How do we overcome apathy in our serving?
       •  Start
       •  Pray
       •  Begin close
       •  Focus