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Kishanje: A Beautiful Home to 60 of VBC's Sponsored Children

Posted by Keith Duff on

We won't hear from our Uganda team until Tuesday as they are now in the mountains of southwest Uganda in a small village known as Kishanje. Life here is very beautiful and also very primitive - far from electricity, running water or cellular service. This area is home to "The Impenetrable Forest" - one only two places in the world where mountain gorillas still roam wild! Batwa Pygmy people also live in these mountains. The weather is wonderful here - even though it sits on the equator, the mountain elevation keeps temps around 65°F at night and no more than 75°F in the daytime - perfect!

60 of the Juna Amagara Ministries children sponsored by our VBC families live here - so our team has a lot of children and homes to visit in the 4 days they will be in this area. Travel to homes is challenging as it involves a long hikes up and down the mountains. So pray for energy and strength. But these days are also a great joy because we have deep relationships here with the children and their guardians and teachers - it is such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people!