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Rain Delay - for Church!

Posted by Kate Duff on

Today we woke up to more rain.  That morning Lisa taught Lynate and the other staff members how to make an omelet with eggs that were given to us by Enoch, the student who VBC as a church sponsors.  Learning this new way to prepare eggs made Lynate wish that she would be the one to cook for the team that is coming in June to utilize her new skill (but she will be back at ABIDE while they are here).

Church was "delayed" because of the rain, meaning we didn't have a way to get down to the church when the service should start, but apparently the whole village had that problem.  We left over an hour after we had originally intended, but we managed to arrive right on time!

While we were seated in the congregation, we noticed a girl who was wearing a blue Village Bible Church t-shirt!  We took pictures with her after the service, and found out that she is Jonan's sister.  Jonan is the student who is sponsored by Rich and Laura Wood.  That was a fun discovery for the day!

After church we ate lunch at the guest house, then packed up to go.  We took some time to say goodbye to our Kishanje Staff friends.  After snapping a few fun pictures, we headed out of the village to Kabale town.  There we connected with Michael Mugasha (remember the one who joined Travis & Scott in India in 2012?).  Then we continued the journey to Mbarara, the other major JAM site, and the town where Lisa lives.  However, on the way we blew a tire, and replaced it with a spare...but the spare was flat.  Moving slowly, we made it to the gas station in the next town, and w were able to get the tire plugged!  Praise the Lord!

We finally arrived at Lisa's apartment in Mbarara around 10pm.  I have to admit, while the simplicity of Kishanje was beautiful, I was also quite happy to be back in the land of electricity, flush toilets, running water, cell signal and internet!