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Chris and Cara found the multi-cultural, Bible-believing church they needed.


    Hi, my name is Chris this is my wife, Cara, and our daughter, Nila.

    We searched for about nine months, going in and out of several churches. We finally stumbled upon Village. We found it online actually.

    A couple of things we were looking for: one that's, you know, Bible-believing church that preaches the Word for what it is, and another big thing that we were looking for is a multicultural church. When we first came to Village, it hit both.

    The service was amazing - very welcoming people. We knew at that point after that first time we went that that was our home, so we've been here ever since.

    A few new steps that we've taken: one is joining a small group. You know, the first day that we went we were invited to join David's small group. We've been a part of that group ever since. So that's one thing that we have not done in the churches that we've been in the past. It's been great getting to know the people in the group and studying the Word out with them as well.

    One thing different from this time last year is that we're actually members of a church. We've moved around so much the last several years, and really the last six years.

    We've lived in several different states and cities, so finding a home and actually settling down, planting some roots, and being members, it just feels good. And it's just nice to be part of a church family.

    We started coming to Village about a month after we found out we were pregnant, and then we joined this small group. Pretty much half of our small group also is pregnant and having babies, so it's just nice to know that Nila's going to grow up with great friends at church.


    The people at Village have a genuine desire to see people come to Christ, to help out Aurora and the community that surrounds us, and really, the whole world. There's constantly people going overseas and we do ministries all over the world so it's just awesome to be in a church family that has such a broad focus.

    So this year we've had a few new opportunities to serve, one of which is that in my small group I'm an apprentice, so I'm having the opportunity to lead a few discussions. I'm also praying for the group as well. Serving at the church, greeting at the door, just welcoming everybody as they come in, and we've also taken the step to  be regular monthly givers.

    Just seeing all the ministries that go on at Village, seeing the fruits of all of them, seeing new people constantly come to the church, always new members coming, and people being baptized, that really motivated us to want to be regular monthly givers and serve any way we can at the church, and we look forward to serving in more ways in the year to come.

    And your financial support, obviously it's used to reach out to people to come to know Christ and for us as a family your financial support has helped us find a church, so again, we'd like to thank you.