Volunteer Application to Serve with Village Kids

Thank you for your interest in serving with Village Kids. It is our intent to find out more about individuals serving in these important roles before placing them in a leadership position. Thank you for taking the time to complete this thorough application.


  • We believe it is our responsibility to protect the children in our care. Children (and parents) need to know that we have taken every reasonable step to ensure children’s safety in our ministry.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to protect staff and volunteer workers in our ministry from being exposed to false accusations of sexual misconduct. To this end, we have screening and supervision policies in place to protect our ministry workers.
  • We believe it is our responsibility to protect our ministry. By requiring child protection training, as well as implementing screening and supervision policies, we are modeling good safety procedures to others.


  1. The six-month rule. The purpose of this rule is to prevent predators from gaining quick access to potential victims. A predator will not want to spend an extended period of time waiting to gain access to children, especially when they can go elsewhere and have almost immediate access. Six months provides a threshold of time for individuals to become better known, and gives an opportunity to evaluate their suitability for volunteer service. In some cases, this length of time is reduced based on a person’s ability to provide positive character references from other youth-serving organizations and from our ministry leaders, and a person’s prior history working with children in a previous faith community.
  2. Completed application. We require a completed volunteer application before approving an individual for service with Village Kids.
  3. Reference checks. Once the application is complete, we conduct reference checks.
  4. A personal interview. We use this interview time to explore more fully why a candidate wants to work with Village Kids. We also review our ministry’s policies and procedures regarding the supervision of children.
  5. Criminal and civil background checks. We conduct a criminal and civil records check for those who will be serving with minors through Ministry Safe. If your application is accepted, we will send you a link to fill out your background check information.   

We are thankful you are considering serving with Village Kids. Our children’s safety is a top priority and thorough screening of our volunteers is one of the important steps we take in an effort to accomplish this goal. This application is being used to help us provide a safe and secure environment for those children who participate in our ministries. This is NOT an employment application. 

Thanks for your desire to partner with us in this ministry!


As stated in the application form you will need to have 3 references. 

  • References must be ADULTS.
  • References cannot be family members or related to you.
  • References must have known you for at least ONE YEAR.

Have your references fill out the Village Kids Volunteer Recommendation Form. You can view the form by clicking on the button, or copy the link below to send it to your references.

View Recommendation Form

Village Kids Volunteer Recommendation Form: