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Some of our small groups are remaining online while some have moved back to meeting in person. While the snacks aren't as good in a digital format, the community aspect works pretty well!

At our church, small groups are a critical part of our ministry. They are not just "another thing." They are our main channel for discipleship & care for each person who is a part of our family.

We realize that our spiritual needs cannot be met through simply a once a week large group worship service. That's a great start, but small groups help take us to the next level towards genuine community.

Small Groups will help you grow.

They help you gain a deeper knowledge of God's Word.
They help you hold others accountable to His Word.
They help you connect more closely to others' lives.
They help you meet each other's needs.

For those who are able to assist with the costs, the estimated costs for our small group this year are:

Small-Group Study Materials: $20 per person, per semester. This cost covers production of our study
guides and materials that we’ll use throughout the year.

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In order to participate in a small group that is meeting online, you will need to install the application for our video conferencing solution - RingCentral. You can use a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer as long as it has a camera and microphone. The best experience is on a laptop or computer but tablets and phones work fine too - just with a smaller screen!

You should receive an email from your leader with a link for your meeting, but if you don't, you can also use this link to install the application the first time: RingCentral App.

To help walk you through the setup process and to give a few tips, we've created a short video: