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Apr 27, 2014

Choose Wisely | Part 6

Passage: Matthew 7:12-14

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series:Upside Down Aspirations


Jesus offers two ways of living, and for us to choose wisely requires us...

1.  Avoiding the wide gate.
     This offers...
     A. Compromising the truth.
     B.  Tremendous crowds.
     C.  Cultural tolerance.
     D.  Temporal comforts.
     But leads to...
     E.  Conscious torment.

2.  Choosing God's gate.
     This offers...
     A.  Loving restrictions.
     B.  Definite rejection.
     C.  A persevering remnant.
     And requires...
     D.  Genuine repentance.
     But leads to an...
     E.  Everlasting reward.

3.  Practicing the Golden Rule.
     A.  Putting on Christ.
     B.  Praying for those captured by the devil.
     C.  Preaching the whole counsel of God.
     D.  Presenting the cost of discipleship.