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Sep 20, 2015

Deploying Disciples: Part 3

Passage: Romans 12:1-13

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series:The Target of Village Discipleship


We are to be deployed as disciples.  Being deployed involves...

1.  Living differently from the world.
     This difference can be seen in our...
        A.  Surrender.
        B.  Shift in thinking.
        C.  Seeking God's will.

2.  Serving distinctly in the body.
     This service is based on the...
        A.  Grace we have been given.
        B.  Gifts we have received.
     And for the common...
        C.  Good of all.

3.  Acting desirably in God's eyes.
     We are to act desirably even when we are tempted to...
        A.  Fake it.
        B.  Follow the world.
        C.  Focus on ourselves.
        D.  Falter in our devotion.
     It requires us to be...
        E.  Fired up!
        F.  Fixed on God.
        G.  Finding joy in our future.
        H.  Firm when times are tough.
         I.  Faithful in prayer.
         J.  Financially generous.
        K.  Filling our hearts and homes with others.