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Sep 13, 2015

Developing Disciples: Part 2

Passage: Luke 14:25-33

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series:The Target of Village Discipleship


Discovering disciples involves helping people see and meet the...

1.  Difficult conditions He has for us to follow Him.
     God requires a radical new...
        A.  Love.
        B.  Loyalty.
        C.  Life.

2.  Daring challenge for anyone who chooses to follow.
     This challenge is one that is...
        A.  Hard.
     It requires God's...
        B.  Help.
     And comes with a warning that is...
        C.  Heartbreaking.

3.Definite course to follow.
     One that involves...
       A.  Interaction.
       B.  Instruction.
       C.  Imitation.