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Apr 20, 2014

More Than | Part 5

Passage: Matthew 7:7-11

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series:Upside Down Aspirations


God has more for us than we could ever know!  For us to enter into all that He has in store for us requires us...

1.  Addressing our common problem.
     This problem comes because we are...
          A.  Lacking something major.
          B.  Longing for something meaningful.
          C.  Looking for someone marvelous.

2.  Going to the right Person.
     Because He is...
          A.  God.
          B.  Good.
          C.  Gracious.

3.  Responding to God's promises.
     Requires us...
          A.  Approaching Him humbly.
          B.  Asking Him confidently.
          C.  Receiving His gift thankfully.
          D.  Pursuing Him continually.