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May 18, 2014

Severe Weather Alert | Part 9

Passage: Matthew 7:24-29

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series:Upside Down Aspirations


Jesus' final words of the Sermon on the Mount are a summation of His message and require us to...

1.  Choose wisely.
     This choice involves a...
        A.  Person we must believe in.
        B.  Path we must follow.
        C.  Preparation for what is to come.

2.  Heed His warning.
     His warning involves...
        A.  Certain calamity.
        B.  Colossal consequences.
     And requires a...
        C.  Change in course.

3.  Follow His way.
     This way requires us to...
        A.  Accept His authority.
        B.  Trust in His teaching.
        C.  Work out His will.