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Feb 17, 2019

The Gospel Story

Passage: Acts 22:22-23:11

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series: Unstoppable


Through today's episode, we can see that the Gospel story...

1.  Challenges our identity.
       A.  This includes our prejudices
       B.  This includes our privileges
       C.  This reveals God's amazing plan

2.  Confuses the powerful.
       A.  Sometimes people do not understand the
            significance of our message.
       B.  We have to utilize our rights carefully.
       C.  We must make sure that we undergo 
             mistreatment respectfully.

3.  Centers on the resurrection.
       A.  We need to declare it.
       B.  We need to know it divides.
       C.  It requires us to depend on God.