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Jan 27, 2019

Martyrs, Missionaries and Me

Passage: Acts 21:1-14

Preacher: Philip Chapman

Series: Unstoppable


Doing God's will without fear requires that we recognize...

1.  The context of the passage
     Our text is full of...
       •  Goodbyes and greetings
       •  Groups
       •  Guidance

2.  The confusion surrounding the plan
     Our confusion is compounded by...
       •  An unknown future
       •  Some unsettling advice
       •  Our unshakable calling

3.  The clarity to address the problem
     Three indispensable truths when facing a decision...
       •  Spirit-directed people can see things differently
       •  Spirit-led decisions sometimes lead to suffering
       •  Spirit-empowered Christians will be shown the way

4.  Some conclusions that point the way
     We discern God's will by...
       •  Holding confidently to the Word of God
       •  Praying continually in the Spirit of God
       •  Listening closely and carefully to the people of God
       •  Living courageously for the Gospel of God