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Apr 09, 2017

The Rich Man and His Hoarding of Wealth | Part 13

Passage: James 5:1-6

Preacher: Philip Chapman



1.  Riches without God can lead to...
       ●  Wailing
       ●  Weeping

2.  All of this world's resources will...
       ●  Rot is place
       ●  Rip in closets
       ●  Rust in banks

3.  The ungodly look for ways to rip off...
       ●  Workers in their fields...
       ●  By not paying them fair wages...
       ●  To fatten their waists...
       ●  In order to further their wealth...
       ●  Without caring about the well-being of their fellow man

Final Two Cents
       ●  Be focused on the blessing God has already provided.
       ●  Be faithful to God by spreading the Gospel.