Living Hope for Children


Since 2008, our church has been blessed to care for vulnerable children in Uganda through a partnership with Living Hope for Children.

While Uganda is a beautiful and resource-rich country, the average income is very low - about $2 per day. Children living in poverty in Uganda have little hope for a better future. Social services are severely limited. Orphan children are often left to fend for themselves, as communities and extended families lack the resources to care for all of the children in need. Many single parents struggle to support multiple children, and their families are at high risk for disruption.

Living Hope for Children was founded in 2004 to help these children grow strong, both physically and spiritually, so they can forge a better future for themselves and their descendants and impact their communities for Christ and His Kingdom. Living Hope works to identify children in the greatest need and either keep their families intact or find them suitable guardians (foster care), place them in appropriate educational settings, care for their material needs, and engage them with age-appropriate discipleship.

Our partnership with Living Hope has provided our church families with an opportunity to care for children in a very personal way. Currently, Village Bible Church families have committed to caring for and building a relationship with 180 children who are based in three villages in southwestern Uganda. These families provide monthly financial support that provides safe shelter in a loving environment, nutritious food and clean water, clothing and health care, Christ-centered education, and discipleship. Just as important as the financial support is the prayer support and relationship that these families develop with their sponsored children. Through regular letters, video greetings, and personal visits every year by teams from our church, families here develop a close relationship with their sponsored children - many of whom have never experienced that type of personal care and love.

Since we have been sponsoring children for over a decade, many are now graduating high school and even college and are finding jobs in the workforce and serving in ministries across the country. It's been a wonderful joy to be part of this blessing.

You can sponsor a child at

  • To select an elementary-aged child, select "Kishanje" or "Joy Care Center" from the dropdown "Place" list.
  • To select a high school-aged child, choose select "Rubanda" from the dropdown "Place" list.
  • To select a vocational school or university student, email our ministry coordinator, Kate Duff, using the button below.


After your sponsor a child, please email our ministry coordinator, Kate, using the button below to let us know so that we can add you to our communication list and make sure that we visit your child as our teams go to invest time with our "VBC kids" in Uganda!