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Richard and Geraldine Akers

Richard and Geraldine Akers

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Our Story

Richard & Geraldine were both MKs [missionary kids] whose parents served with the old Baptist Missionary Society. They are presently living in Nelspruit from which they move into Mozambique to minister to the leaders among the AmaZioni churches.

The AmaZioni churches arose out of churches commenced by the former Mahon Mission, now ZEMA, which has its head-quarters in Zion, Illinois, USA. Many of these churches follow an admixture of truth and African traditional religion.

The main thrust of ZEMA, and the Akers, is to teach the AmaZioni church leaders the true Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They use ZEBS classes (Bible School) and leadership classes for AmaZioni Church leaders. Many of their trips into Mocambique entail visits to remote areas. In many instances there is much rejoicing that people from the ‘mother’ church in Zion have come to visit them. They are usually informed about their ‘roots’ which many have long forgotten. Richards' area of service covers 309,493 square miles.