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Karney and Lydia Dunah

Karney and Lydia Dunah

ULICAF, Liberia

United Liberia Inland Church Associates and Friends was born out of compassion in the year 2000 as an informal organization of Liberian refugees who had suffered first-hand the devastation of their country wrought by a fourteen-year civil war which left the nation without the most basic of human needs.

Members and friends of ULICAF are eager for renewal and redemption of their homeland through these crucial developments:

  • Spiritual. Our primary focus is to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, church planting and discipleship.

  • Mental. We focus the intellectual development of individuals through Christian education and training under our College program (Liberia International Christian College) and the One Hour for Christ Ministry, a scholarship assistance program for less-privileged children. We envision societal peace and harmony through transformed minds and leadership in communities.

  • Physical. We currently run the Hope Farm project that provides funding and technical assistance for local farmers in Liberia. We also support church construction and reconstruction projects, sponsor individuals in skill training programs and as well as small business and micro-enterprise development for individuals.

Our approach: The cornerstone of all ULICAF’s ministries is to work with Liberian nationals and American Christians across denominational boundaries to define and solve the problems that people and communities face in our today’s world.