Just as any relationship is impossible without communication, the Christian life is impossible without prayer.

In this series, we examine how the Bible describes a healthy prayer life. We'll see that a growing disciple of Jesus prays seriously, boldly, persistently, and missionally. 

Join us as we seek the Lord and PRAY. 


Pray Sermons

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Prayer is serious work.

As we come to the Lord, we do so with solemnity and fervor.




Praying boldly requires a proper theology.

God welcomes his children into His presence, so we should make requests without reservations. 




We should come to God with the persistence of children.

Just as child asks his father for help with unshakable resolve, we too can approach our Father in faith and perseverance. 




Our prayers aren't only for us. 

We should pray for God to carry out His mission in our neighborhoods and throughout the world.