Women’s Mentoring Program

Need help developing spiritual disciplines and growing in your faith? Request a mentor today. 

The Women's Mentoring Program seeks to Discover, Develop, and Deploy Christian women into deeper connections to God, His Word, and others for the advancement of His Kingdom. If you are younger in your faith and could benefit from added support and encouragement in your walk with Christ, consider requesting a Mentor to walk alongside you as you discover areas needing spiritual growth while developing spiritual disciplines. 

This 12-week commitment is designed to create discussions between the Mentor and Mentee ("Younger Sister") around topics such as: Spiritual Disciplines, Christian Living, and Engagement in the world. Through scripture and biblical principles, this program will help you to identify, understand, and evaluate these three areas in your life, as well as encourage you to take a weekly action step to continue growing in your relationship with God and service to others.

If you are interested in being mentored by a spiritually mature sister-in-Christ, let us match you with a compatible Mentor today!

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