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2020 Short Term Missions Trips

Why Short-Term Missions

If you’re passionate about God’s work overseas, short term missions may be in God’s plans for you! To live an All In life is to devote your time and gifts to the nations. Pray and ask if the Holy Spirit is giving you the urge to travel short term and care for God’s people. Acts 13:47 says, “The Lord has commanded us: ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’” Serve the nations with us and be the light of Christ!

God has blessed us with the opportunity to travel to 5 different locations in the summer of 2020.


Next Step

If you feel God’s calling to serve in Short-Term Missions, prayerfully fill out an application on Manage Missions

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2020 Mission Trip Opportunities

Dates: June 6-13

Location: Cucuta, Colombia
Local Parter: A VBC Missionary
Estimated Cost: $2,975
Team Leader: Chris Olson

Due to the current social/political environment within Venezuela, the local population faces severe challenges in daily life. Access to food, medicine, hygiene supplies, and other general essentials is difficult to find. Hyperinflation in Venezuela’s economy further magnifies these hardships. Since 2016, the overall inflation rate has increased to 53,798,500% (per Wikipedia). Vast numbers of people continue to leave the country. Access to Bible schools or seminaries to develop Christian leaders is nearly non-existent.

Understandably, the people and leaders of local churches are struggling. The pastors and their wives have seen it as their mission to stay and continue their ministries, as best they can, in the country of their birth—all this despite the hardships they face due to lack of physical and spiritual support. Our opportunity to offer training and encouragement to these couples is invaluable and will impact their entire congregations.

US citizens cannot enter Venezuela, so we will meet with the Venezuelan pastors just over the border in Colombia.

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Dates: June 15-July 2

Location: Southwest Uganda
Local Parters: Juna Amagara & Lisa O'Brien (The Shepherd Center)
Estimated Cost: $3,600
Team Leader: Kate Duff

VBC has experienced the joy of partnering with Juna Amagara for many years, caring for orphaned children in practical ways and encouraging them to also grow in a life of faith. We want to continue investing in and deepening relationships with children who are sponsored by VBC families.

Spiritual encouragement and discipleship are the key focus of the trip -- so we also spend time encouraging Juna Amagara teachers and staff, as well as caregivers. Plus: a special visit to connect with Lisa O'Brien, a missionary sent out from our midst to serve in Uganda.

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Dates: July 9-21

Location: Legnica, Poland
Local Parters: Bruce & Linda Thomas
Estimated Cost: $2,500
Team Leaders: Dave & Deb Mogle

Fewer than 1% of Polish people are Evangelical Christians, which is a smaller percentage than in most Muslim countries. Most Polish people will say they are Catholic, but in reality, they are confused about their standing with God. Their greatest felt need is to learn English, so teaching English is a way of opening the door to forming relationships and sharing the Gospel. We will be going to help our missionaries, Bruce and Linda Thomas, to run an English immersion camp and a VBS-type program for children.

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Dates: July 5-14

Location: Port Alsworth, Alaska
Local Parter: Tanalian Bible Camp
Estimated Cost: $1,745
Team Leader: Niki Thurkow

Rural Alaska living has enormous challenges with its geographic remoteness. But the deeper issues relate to spiritual darkness, mixed with a high level of alcohol abuse and other addictions. The result: dysfunction in families and society in general.

We will be serving during the primary camp week which includes 3rd- and 4th-grade children, sharing and showing them the love of God through our actions and words that point to Jesus Christ. Tanalian Bible Camp’s vision is to equip and see hope-filled Alaskans glorifying God by leading healthy families and communities. Tanalian Bible Camp exists to build up the Body of Christ in rural Alaska by providing evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and leadership development through camps, conferences and Biblical mentoring. 

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Dates: July 23 - August 3

Location: Aracatuba, Brazil
Local Parters: Giba & Helen Filsinger
Estimated Cost: $2,500
Team Leaders: Randy & Lisa Sperry

Giba and Helen Filsinger have a long-standing relationship with VBC's Plano campus and are involved in many ministries in Araçatuba, Brazil. Some key aspects are teaching at the Seminário Bíblico de Evangelização, training teachers and teaching in the public schools (using a 10-lesson Mailbox Club), and caring for a small church, called Maranata Bible Church.

We have an opportunity to serve alongside them -- both to encourage and be encouraged. We will bring our skills, gifts, and passion to help the Filsingers in various ways. We also will see how God is at work in Brazilian hearts and communities.

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Check out the full 2020 Global Mission Trip Opportunities informational packet for more information on our 5 mission trip opportunities.

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