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Stephanie Beattie

Stephanie Beattie

Director of Finance & HR

I grew up in Northern Indiana in a loving Christian home and remember always believing in God. I was in Junior High, at church camp, when I made my own decision to follow Christ, my Savior. As a young person, I always wanted a dramatic testimony. As an adult I have learned two things. First, I am so thankful for my “boring” story. Second, all testimonies are dramatic! For we all go from death to eternal life through the gift of salvation in Christ Jesus!

I met Phil in high school and we dated through our years at Purdue. I graduated with a degree in accounting, Phil and I were married and I started my career as a CPA in public accounting. Since then, God has blessed us with Paige and Brian, moved us several times around the country, and settled us here in Sugar Grove in 2007.

Village Bible Church has been our home since 2008. I have enjoyed serving on the worship team and in the finance department through the years. To keep up with the growth of the church, I was asked to join the VBC staff as Director of Finance in 2012. I consider it such a blessing to work, serve and worship alongside our church family.