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Jul 11, 2021

Alleviating Anguish: What to Do Instead of Throwing in the Towel

Passage: 1 Kings 19:1-18

Preacher: Tim Badal

Series:Help! God's Hope for the Hurting


In times of anguish...

1.  Remember the misery Christians can experience.
     It is easy to forget that...
       •  Life can hurt a lot.
       •  You aren't alone in this.
       •  Certain things can activate such feelings.

2.  Receive the medicine that God gives to encourage.
     In your time of anguish, God wants to...
       •  Care for you.
       •  Communicate with you.
     And as He does...
       •  Celebrate all that He is doing.
       •  Connect with other believers.
       •  Continue to serve Him.