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Oct 18, 2020

Bolstering Belief

Passage: Hebrews 3:7-19

Preacher: Tim Badal

Series: Jesus: Greatest of All Time


Bolstering your belief means...

1.  Never forgetting about a certain spiritual pandemic. 

2.  Finding some spiritual partners.
     We need to find partners that...
       •  Protect us
       •  Push us

3.  Figuring out your spiritual progress.
     Not sure? Ask these questions:
       •  Have you been liberated by Christ? Praise Him today for
           your salvation!
       •  Are you lollygagging in the wilderness? You're playing with
           fire...Stop before it's too late.
       •  Do you long for the Promised Land? Press on...and don't 
           grow stagnant.