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    Dec 31, 2017

    The Wise and the Foolish

    Passage: Matthew 7:24-27

    Preacher: Steve Lombardo

    Series: Special Message


    1.  These men both wanted to build something.
           ●  Application: Virtually everyone wants a great life.

    2.  These men both went to the same school.
           ●  Jesus' Sermon on the Mount dealt with...
                 >  Attitudes--how a Christ follower thinks
                 >  Actions--how a Christ follower lives
                 >  Affections--what a Christ follower values
                 >  Aspirations--what a Christ follower wants to
           ●  Application: The secret to a great life is not a secret;
               it has been revealed in the person and work of 
               Jesus Christ.

    3.  These men both weathered the same storm.
           ●  Application: You will face storms in your life.
               You either are in one, coming out of one, or you
               are about ready to be hit by one.

    4.  These men were not the same.
           ●  The storm revealed their character.
           ●  The storm exposed their construction.
           ●  Application: Storms have a way of showing what
               you are made of.