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Liberia Off and Running | AWANA and VBC

Posted by Chris Scott on

After much travel, we made it safely to Liberia! Thank you for your prayers and support as we set off on this long journey. We have wasted no time in getting to work! Please read below to see how VBC has had a direct impact in the lives of Liberian children. 

Rochelle and I were privileged to attend and work with the AWANA club in Jacobstown, Liberia. Our Village Bible Church AWANA club members bring money each week to support the Liberian program. They are led by a wonderful individual we got to spend the afternoon with visiting this club. Jerome has a story of a love of Bible memorization as a boy and multiple years of leading and growing the program while being forced to flee on 2 separate occasions from the civil war of Liberia. The program has 183 clubs and over 6000 members!