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SHINE VBS Thursday

Posted by Keith Duff on

VBS in winding down, but the fun continues!

Today we learned a lot about appreciation and thankfulness. 
Our Bible lesson told us how we can be servant leaders through the story of John the Baptist. The word of God came to John while he was living in the desert that it was time for him to prepare the way for the Lord. John went to all the countries around the Jordan River and preached that the people should repent from their sin and be baptized. John baptized the people in the Jordan River.

Even though there were many similarities between John the Baptist and Jesus, John always acknowledged his Savior, and gave God glory. He was a humble servant leader because he led people to Jesus and an example of someone who will likely receive the Crown of Glory from Jesus.

During Pet Rock Crafts, we wrote letters to the missionaries in Uganda. We thanked and encouraged our missionaries them and we let them know that we have been learning so much from them! We appreciate missionaries because they help teach our brothers and sisters in Uganda about Jesus. They are servant leaders for Christ.

We also learned to be thankful for the things we have such as running water, 3 meals a day, TV, school and especially our parents because some of the kids we learned about don’t have parents. 

In Groovy Missions , Mrs. Duff shared pictures of orphans in Uganda who are sponsored by families at Village Bible Church. The children were so joyful in their pictures because their sponsors sent them clothes, pictures, toys and school supplies. These children also receive support through our daily fundraiser! We haven’t revealed the winner, but the competition is heating up as Friday approaches. Children may donate to help their team raise the most money.

Tomorrow may be the last day of VBS, but the fun continues on Saturday at the Summer Splash Bash. Don’t forget to buy tickets for your family and friends through Friday.

Keep on groovin’!

** Village currently has 15 children in need of sponsorship in Uganda. With only $35 a month, you too can give a child the gift of a brighter future. If you are interested in supporting a child, visit the table in the foyer, or email g.