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Village Blog


Posted by Kate Duff on

Last Friday, the Uganda mission team met with 25 Village Bible Church sponsored children at Juna Amagara Ministries New Times Nursery and Primary School in Kishanje. Linda and Kate enjoyed great visits with the precious children while Samantha took photographs. Lisa helped distribute gifts, including letting the children pick out suitable clothing items and a set of bed sheets.

We talked with the children about their families, favorite color, food, school ...subject, daily activities before/after school and their weekend. We had the opportunity to get to know each child better. The children received a gift bag of essential toiletries, school supplies, laundry soap, shoe polish and a few sweets. We shared with the children the gifts that were from their sponsors. We told each child how special they were and that when they used the fits, they should be reminded how much Jesus loves them...because He does! Our times with each child ended in prayer with the children. What a wonderful time. Isn't it funny how God works in times like this to bless everyone involved - not just those serving or those receiving!

Blessings~ Kate Duff