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TEAM UGANDA: DAY 6 - Juna Amagara school in Kishanje

Posted by Linda Mallette on

While at the Juna Amagara school in Kishanje, our team did several home visits; two being my sponsor students: Bruce and Letesia. Also, we were able to make sevral home visits of other sponsor children that were close-by neighbors. These are times I treasure as I conitnue to do home visits with each trip to Uganda.

A deeper, more intimate relationship is established as we visit with the fanily in the home. These visits may include mom, grandmother, and/or guardian, siblings ...and even aunties and cousins with the sponsor child. We find ourselves praying, singing, sharing photos and exchanging news about each other's families. Sometimes we even go for garden walks as we talk about their daily lives. We always end our visit with prayer and thanksgiving for God uniting the families from Village Bible to Juna Amagara Ministries children.

It is so important for VBC sponsor families to hold their sponsor children in constant prayer just as you would your own children, grandchildren or other family members. Please pray that the children know the deep love of their Creator and Savior, that they study hard, grow in their love for Jesus and share their love with others.

~Linda Mallette