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Uganda Team: Day 11

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Today we met with 4 more sponsored children from Kampala. Just like all the other children we have met, these children have glowing personalities. We had fun spending quality time playing with the children, drawing, coloring and Linda even took her turn at jumping rope!

The focus of this trip was to meet with and encourage our 115 Village Bible Church sponsored Juna Amagara children. We were delighted to be able to connect with nearly all of them. As we spent time with them, we consistently reminded the children of God’s love for them as we visited, shared their letters and blessed them with practical gifts purchased in Uganda using donations from their sponsors.

The children and their guardians expressed much gratitude for the sponsorship that allows the children the opportunity to continue their education and spiritual growth.

If you desire to be a part of the blessing...for only $35.00 a month, your family can partner with Juna Amagara Ministries and sponsor a child on the waiting list.

For pictures and information of children on the waiting list, please visit:

If you have questions, contact Kate Duff or Linda-Jim Leathers Mallette. They would be happy to assist you.