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Uganda Team: Day 9

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During our trip we have been having devotions together as a team. We started by studying Mark 10:13-16, when the disciples pushed away the children, while Jesus welcomed them. This passage has set us up for looking at examples in Scripture of God caring for the ones who people often reject. As we love on our children, we want to remember the pain they are dealing with in each of their individual lives. This study has helped us to keep that focus.

While we ...were in both Kishanje and Mbarara, the team had a few opportunities to share some biblical teachings with the students in the schools. As the doors opened, we found ourselves relating our messages to the discussions we’ve had in our devotions. In Kishanje we shared during the 7:00 am assembly two different days. One day we talked about the story in Mark 10, challenging the students to consider which character they identify with in the story. The second time, Linda shared that she had been encouraged while meeting with students to hear what verses they have memorized. She focused on Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

In Mbarara we talked to all the children about Zacchaeus, and how he was rejected by his peers, yet Jesus loved him. We hope the love of Jesus motivates the kids to love people, just like it did for Zacchaeus. The staff also asked us to have a purity talk with the older girls, where we discussed God’s love for us, according to I Corinthians 13. Additionally, Linda enjoyed time with the preschoolers , assuring them that Jesus loves little children, just like them. The teachers joined her in leading the children in singing songs of praise. We thank God for all the platforms we were given to reinforce God’s love for these beautiful children here in Uganda.