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World Relief

In partnership with World Relief, our refugee ministry welcomes newcomers to the country, easing their transition and developing new support networks to replace those left behind.

"Soldiers came into our house and looted it. They killed our neighbor's three-year-old son and burned down their house. For two months, we didn't dare to go out of the house," Ziza Uka, an Albanian refugee from Serbia recalls. "We were afraid to sleep."

There is a big need for furniture for refugees that are coming to our area. If you have something that you would like to donate to help our new friends as they come to start a new home in a new land there are several ways to do that.

You can:

    • Drop off your item at the donation center in Wheaton (1825 College Avenue). Please drop off your donation Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 5:00pm. Donation must be labeled “World Relief.”
    • Contact World Relief to arrange a pick up. You can either call or email Subass, the Donations Coordinator, to arrange a pick up. The phone number for World Relief is 630.462.7566. Email is 

If you have any questions please contact Laura Wood through the VBC Sugar Grove office at (630) 466-7198.

Welcoming the Stranger

Every year, World Relief and their network of church-based volunteers help up to 10,000 refugees fleeing persecution and war in their homelands. Together, we help refugees make the transition to American life, so that one day they will call America home. Since 1979, World Relief has embraced over 200,000 refugees, welcoming them at the airport, helping them find jobs, and extending the hands of friendship.

Mary, a Sudanese refugee, says, "When I got off the plane, I was afraid. I did not know anyone. But then I saw many people holding balloons and banners. World Relief workers introduced themselves to me. I was startled by the kind people who greeted me. I knew at that moment that my Christian brothers and sisters would help me start again."

For some refugees, even everyday activities in the United States can be bewildering: car seats, gas stoves and the English language may all be new.

World Relief staff and volunteers adapt to varied needs, offering English classes, helping refugees understand the American culture, and going on field trips to mall, shopping centers and baseball games.

As a volunteer in this ministry, you will serve as the hands and feet of Christ and find the lives of the refugees, as well as their own, transformed in the process.

Current Need 

Our church is currently setting up appartments for refugee families. This is a great opportunity to pass on some household items that you are not using. This family will certainly appreciate it. You can bring the following items to church - and you can also pick up a list of outstanding items that are still needed.  

Any upcoming ministry opportunities will appear on the right side of this page.

Questions? Call Laura Wood at (630) 466-4218.


Want to Donate?

The following items will provide for the immediate needs of ONE family.

Kitchen Items 

1 Set Mixing Bowls
1 Set Baking Pans
1 Set Pots and Pans
1 Set Cooking Utensils
1 Set Sharp Knives
Measuring. Cups and Spoons
Med/Large Cutting Board
Manual Can Opener
3 Kitchen towels 
3 Dishcloths
Silverware for 8
Dishes for 8
8 Drinking Glasses
1 Bottle dish detergent
2 O-Cello type sponges
Kitchen trash can & bags
1 roll aluminum foil
1 roll plastic Wrap
2 Rolls of Paper Towels

Cleaning Items

1 Bottle cleaning spray
1 Can Scouring Powder
1 Toilet brush
1 Box Laundry detergent
1 Broom
1 Dustpan

Miscellaneous Items

1 plastic laundry basket
1 pad of paper
1 box envelopes
5 pens/pencils
1 Book of stamps
1 electric fan
1 calendar
1 small toolkit
2 light bulbs

Bedroom Items 

Queen-sized Blanket
3 Twin-sized Blanket
Queen-sized sheet set
3 Twin-sized sheet set
4 Pillows
1 Clock radio with alarm
25 hangers

Bathrooms Items 

4 towel Sets (bath & hand towel, and washcloth) 
Shower curtain & hooks
2 bottles shampoo
4 bars soap
4 toothbrushes
2 tubes toothpaste
1 Box feminine supplies
15 disposable razors
4 rolls of toilet paper
1 bottle hand lotion
2 boxes Kleenex
Small trash basket

Standard Food Items

5 lbs. Sugar
10 lbs. Flour
5 lbs. Onions
10 lbs. Potatoes
1 gallon cooking oil
5 lbs. rice
1 box tea bags
1 box salt
1 can black pepper
1 jar instant coffee
1 case pop