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Nov 04, 2018

Case Studies in Conversion

Passage: Acts 16:16-40

Preacher: Travis Fleming

Series: Unstoppable


1.  The Gospel delivers the demonic.
       A.  It transforms the enslaved and exploited
       B.  It transforms unredeemed truth exclaimers
       C.  It happens through a powerful encounter
            with God

2.  The Gospel disenfranchises the demeaning.
       A.  They may deploy various strategies against us
       B.  They may try to inflict shame
       C.  They may attempt to silence us

3.  The Gospel disrupts the dutiful.
       A.  He does this through our conduct
       B.  He does this through our compassion
       C.  It results in phenomenal change

4.  The Gospel requires discernment for direction.
       A.  We need to know when to exercise our rights
       B.  We need to know when to expose the powers
             that be.
       C.  We need to know how to endure suffering well