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Kids Hope

Become a weekly one-on-one mentor for one hour a week during the school day.

Add to CalendarKids Hope Become a weekly one-on-one mentor for one hour a week during the school day.John Shields Elementary SchoolMM/DD/YYYYAmerica/Chicagotrue22/09/2019

Sunday, September 22, 2019

John Shields Elementary School, 85 S Main Street, Sugar Grove, IL, Sugar Grove, IL US 60554

You can change a life—one relationship at a time.

For over two decades, Kids Hope USA has provided a reliable, caring, one-on-one relationship that fills a void in a student’s life.

At-risk students live at-risk lives, often times with no boundaries or ones that make no sense at all. They long for direction, structure, and other life basics.

The reality is, at-risk kids have one thing in common. They grow up. And If no one is helping them navigate or change their life trajectory, then what?

Think for a moment, the reality is, at-risk students have little or no ability to choose life for themselves. Rather they live with the decisions others have made for them. Isn’t it possible, then, that together we have been given the unbelievable privilege to make choices to choose life and build real relationships with the students we reach!

Now you can participate through being a Mentor, or a Prayer Partner, and/or a Scholarship Provider—all important ways to reach, influence, and make a difference in the lives of children in your community!

You can sign up to meet with a child for one hour a week during the school year.

Want to learn more or sign up?

Click the link below to find out the different ways that you can help an at-risk child. If you wish to sign up fill out the form at the bottom of the page then either print it out and hand it in OR email the filled-in form to Lucinda Brunner.

Register by September 22.

Kids Hope USA Volunteer Info & Registration Form