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Mar 14, 2021

Fact Checking God

Passage: Hebrews 11:1-3

Preacher: Tim Badal

Series: Jesus: Greatest of All Time


Faith is the assurance in the truth of God's biblical assertions to the point of acting upon them.

1.  Five truths about faith
       •  Faith is how we approach God.
       •  Faith is the biblical antidote to adversity.
       •  Faith must be acted upon to be authentic.
       •  Faith is the avenue to God's approval.
       •  Faith gives us the ability to see God's activity in the world.

2.  Three takeaways for greater faith
     Greater faith involves...
       •  Asking God to grove your faith.
       •  Acquainting yourself with the Word.
       •  Activating your faith with small tangible steps.