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Nov 15, 2020


Passage: Hebrews 5:1-10

Preacher: Tim Badal

Series: Jesus: Greatest of All Time


Jesus is the only one qualified to be the “High Priest Forever” because…

1.  He is committed to the people.     
     This commitment involves…
       ●  Interceding for them. 
       ●  Identifying with them.

2.  He meets the criteria perfectly.     
     Jesus meets three criteria:         
       #1:  Appointed by God
       #2:  Approved by God
       #3:  Accredited by God

3.  Since Jesus is our “Great High Priest,” we have a calling as priests. 
     This calling involves…
       ●  Marveling at His endurance and  excellence.
       ●  Making every effort to follow His example.