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Nov 29, 2020

You've Been Warned

Passage: Hebrews 6:1-12

Preacher: Tim Badal

Series: Jesus: Greatest of All Time


1.  This passage can cause lots of problems.
     Views on this passage
       •  Rebellion that leads to a loss of salvation
       •  Rewards in the future of hte believer
       •  Renouncing of cultural Christianity
       •  Reinforcing a bliever's security

But it can motivate us to...

2.  Pause.
     What's my status?

3.  Ponder.
     What things prove my salvation?
       •  Don't be fooled — participation does not prove possession.
       •  Being filled with these things provides us the power to endure.

4.  Be pushed toward maturity.
     What steps need to be taken?
       •  Get going.
       •  Keep growing.