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TEAM UGANDA: DAY 7 - Kishanje Home Visits

Posted by Lisa O'Brien on

TEAM UGANDA: DAY 7 - Kishanje Home Visits

Saturday morning we set up our visitations with the Secondary students in Kishanje on the roof of one of the school’s buildings. Linda and Kate each set up interview stations on opposite sides, Samantha was the photographer, while I put together a make-shift market for the students to choose 2 clothing items and a towel. It was fun to help students choose items that fit them and that they really liked. Everyone walked away smiling wit...h their special gifts, after I had reinforced that we were not giving them things just to give them “stuff” but to give them reminders of God’s love and provision.

But what I noticed was something that was happening downstairs…The twenty students we were meeting with were all gathered together, waiting for their turn to come up. They were chatting and enjoying each other at the time. As I was thinking about it, I realized something about our kids. I have been observing that they seem to be more confident than most of the other children. It could be true for various reasons, but I believe that it has to do with knowing that someone really cares about them. With us visiting, it builds in a kind of accountability—they know we are checking in on them. Even more than that, our children seem to be bonding together, forming friendships with each other. It’s almost as if a new club has been created…well, maybe it is more like they have discovered their extended family. It is our hope and prayer that they really do develop as a family for one another, mentoring the younger ones, encouraging each other and holding each other accountable in their spiritual journey.

In our devotions we discussed the story of Hannah and how she was a woman of prayer and prayed for her son, making an incredible impact on his life even though she was not the one raising him. It is our prayer that each sponsor will recognize the significant role they are playing in the lives of their sponsored children by praying for them. It is very possible that some of these children do not have anyone else praying for them by name on a regular basis. Thanks for praying for our kids, and let’s keep it up!

Blessings from Uganda,
Lisa O'Brien